Large Paintings on Paper 2014-Present, exploring the ‘modern English landscape’

From top of page, left to right:

‘Another Sacred Grove’, watercolour on Fabriano paper, 150cm’s by 150cm’s approx. £5000

‘Barriers’, watercolour, gloss paint, spray paint on Fabriano paper, 185cm’s by 150cm’s approx. £5000

‘Embankment’, mixed media on Fabriano paper, 185cm’s by 150cm’s approx. £5000

‘Jewel’, watercolour and spray paint on Fabriano paper, 100cm’s by 100cm’s approx. £4300

‘Sacred Landfill, somewhere near Phillipsville’, watercolour and oils on Fabriano paper, 185cm’s by 150cm’s approx. £4500

‘Off The Tracks’, watercolour, oil paints and gloss paints, 185cm’s by 150cm’s approx. £5000

‘The Fort’, watercolour on Fabriano paper. 185 by 150cm’s approx. £5000

‘T.V star, Almost Cracked The Case’. Watercolour on Fabriano paper. 150 by 160cm’s approx. £2500

Section From ‘Another Sacred Grove’. Approx. 185cm’s by 155cm’s, watercolour on paper

An enduring preoccupation with the romantic, pastoral scene (questioning what it is that constitutes this), predominantly using watercolour on paper, and also mixed media.

Just Another Sacred Grove

‘Gate’    Mixed media on paper. 186cm’s by 150cm’s. Unframed.  This painting and the ones below are from a series of large works on paper that were developed as a response to the idea of particular types of landscape combined with our perceptions and notions of the particular landscapes. I was looking specifically at how we view the romantic and the sublime, next to the reality of a kind of semi-industrial ‘wasteland’ that can often be stumbled upon within the U.K and other countries.

‘Gate’ (2014) 186cm x 150cm watercolour, gloss and oil on paper


‘Barriers’ (2015) 186cm x 150cm watercolour, oil and emulsion on paper

Detail, gorge, Barriers


Embankment. 185cm’s by 155cm’s. Mixed media on paper. These large works on paper (and others) appear as if dream-like, in that we catch fragments of scenes and piece the whole thing together in our own way. The absurd interventions come from a variety of drawings and cinema references and are arranged aleatorically, or in a way that seems pleasing, pictorially. They are also painted with a strong sense of space and appreciation of the white of the surface. These paintings contain a colliding of the mundane with the absurd or fantastical.

Watercolour, oils, household gloss and spray paint on Liscio hot press paper. 2015.

Embankment at Goosfest

Forest Clearing, Hidden Machinery. Watercolour on paper

This series of paintings was begun within a studio space in the world’s first passenger railway station, overlooking the tracks at Edge Hill in Liverpool.

I produced around 8 large works on paper during the residency itself, 5-6 of which, having been produced from about the halfway mark of the residency, having a stronger sense of cohesiveness.

‘Off The Tracks’ (2015) 175cm x 150cm watercolour and oil on paper

5 Bold Place

Sacred Landfill – Forest, Belgian Border,
Watercolour, and oils on Liscio hot press paper. 185cm by 150cm. 2016.

Detail from ‘Sacred Landfill’

(not so) Perfect Landscape. Watercolour on paper. 185 by 155cm’s

Brick By Side Of Tracks.

Detail, Brick By Side Of Tracks

Brick By Side Of Tracks.
Watercolour on paper