Selected paintings between 20017 and 2020.

Based around imagery from films/popular culture and nature, the paintings often show fragments from scenes, of figures in incongruous situations, as well as elements taken from observations in landscape and nature.

Often creating a laboured surface texture, there is a tension between the sense of space and surface pattern. The surface becomes like a matrix that needs to be navigated around or through.

After Open Range oil on canvas. 103cm’s by 68cm’s unframed,
Swamp Parade. Oil on canvas. SOLD
Swamp Parade in owner’s home
Orchard. Oils on canvas. 2018/ 2019

Thugs Dance, approx. 8″ by 10″
Dynamic movement painting Battle chaos painting, Buffalo head-on
Dynamic movement painting, Buffalo
Custer Battle Study 1, Oil on Paper. 20 by 20cm’s
Custer Battle, Study 2, Oil on paper 20 by 20cm’s