Output Gallery September 2021

Sept 18 – Oct 24
The OUTPUT Open is a regular part of our gallery programming – an opportunity to present an overview of creativity in the region through the practices of a group of emerging artists. This year, our selected artists have focused on work in the mediums of painting and video, so we have split the exhibition in two accordingly.

The OUTPUT Painting Open (Sept 18 – Oct 3) presents the work of Chris Oliver, Zahra, Harry Garner, Sian Cooper & Rob Davies.

The OUTPUT Video Open (Oct 7 – Oct 24) presents the work of Olayka McKay, Onyx Hinds, Colette McDonald & Cos Ahmet.

These artists, who are all at different stages in their career, will showcase the breadth of skill and invention that our region’s art scene can provide in both traditional and new media. The bold, engaging works – mostly painted in 2021 – which make up the Painting Open show a range of styles and approaches spanning figuration, abstraction and the space in-between. While these artists were not selected with any theme in mind, their practices have a lot in common: a thread of narrative runs throughout the exhibition, and a desire for audiences to find their own meaning in the work.

Untitled – Sian Cooper

As It Always Was – Zahra

Jewel – Rob Davies

Dreamers Often Lie – Harry Garner

Memories of St. Ives – Chris Oliver

The Welcome Wagon – Zahra

Rusty Vines – Rob Davies

Imposter – Harry Garner

Expect Delays – Zahra

Falsehood – Harry Garner

Untitled (Detail) – Sian Cooper

Despicable Look – Harry Garner