Selected Work, and Archives

From top of page/left to right :

Languishing. Oil on Canvas. 30cm’s by 36cm’s. £1000

Natural Family Home/Bank Ad. oil on canvas. £1300

Custer Battle 2. oil on paper. £600

Gene Pool Vacillation. Oil on canvas. 55 by 65cm’s. £1800

Anna, original watercolour, £600

Dibbinsdale Wall. Watercolour. £600

Memory of Greenhead Ghyll, oil on board. 30 by 36cm’s £600

Dark road. Oil on board. £400

Old Farmhouse. Oil on board £400

Ferrari Interruption. oil on canvas. 30 by 36 cm’s. £1000

Memory of Greenhead Ghyll 2. Oil on board. 30 by 36cm’s. £550

New Society Under Fallen Tree. Oil on Canvas 100cm’s by 100cm’s. £3800

Images 1-3 ‘Rusty Vines’ (various sections), oil on canvas. 65cm’s by 67cm’s £4000

Knutsford Portal. Acrylic on canvas. £2800

Basement Warehouse, Uqbar. Oil on canvas. £2800